Download Oracle:-

The following Oracle Download files are hosted at Google Drive. Many of those are not found at Oracle release new versions and old versions are removed from . As I am working with Oracle Technology since 2002, I have all version of Oracle Database, Developer Suite along with other Required third party software below.

Database Track:

  1. Oracle Database 19C.
  2. Oracle Database 12C.
  3. Oracle Database 11g
  4. Oracle Database 11g XE.
  5. Oracle Database 10g
  6. Oracle Database 9i
  7. Oracle Database 8i

Developer Track:

  1. Oracle Developer 6i.
  2. Oracle Developer 6i Patch.
  3. Oracle Developer Suite 9i.
  4. Oracle Developer Suite 10g.
  5. Oracle Developer Suite 10g Additional software.
  6. Oracle Developer Suite 10g All in 1
  7. Weblogic.
  8. Oracle 11g Fusion Middleware.
  9. Jre7
  10. Oracle Application Server 10g For Linux.

Oracle Apex

  1. Oracle Apex 5.0.1.
  2. Oracle Apex E-Book (User Guide).
  3. Oracle Apex All Software in One place.
  4. Oracle Apex Softwares (Latest Archive)

3rd Party Softwares:

  1. Toad (All Version).
  2. Oracle SQL Developer.
  3. Oracle PLsql Developer.
  4. Other Softwares.
  5. Windows Activator

Operating Systems ISO:

  1. Windows 2003 Server ISO.
  2. Redhat linux EE 5.5 for 32 Bit OS.
  3. Redhat Linux EE 5.5 for 64 Bit OS.
  4. Oracle Linux 6.2

Oracle Books:

  1. Oracle SQL Fundamentals.
  2. Oracle PL-SQL Program Units.
  3. Oracle 10g Developer Suite Build Internet Applications.
  4. Oracle Reports 10g Build Internet Applications.
  5. Oracle Database 10g Administration Workshop 1 & 2.
  6. Oracle Database 10g Administration (Backup & Recovery).

Oracle 11g Database E-Books (All 3 in this google drive).

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